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February 15, 2012 / WithThatIAm...

Guest Post: Peter Lumpkins Lies About Al Mohler

Below is an edited guest post that we received here via carrier pigeon.

Here’s another deception that Peter told this week:

No amount of evidence–no matter the degree of strength–will satisfy the many like you cite above. When Al Mohler can unequivocally and necessarily imply that no viable theological alternative exists but “Reformed” theology, and these same young bucks dismiss his words or worst still, charge those of us who took his words at face value with “taking them out of context” no amount of evidence matters. They’re not going to listen. They cannot listen…


Peter is being dishonest when in saying that Mohler said “no viable theological alternative exists but ‘Reformed’ theology.” Here is Mohler’s quote:

“Non-Calvinist conservatives are not aware of the basic structures of thought, rightly described as Reformed, that are necessary to protect the very gospel they insist is to be eagerly shared.'”

Mohler is in NO way saying that “no viable theological alternative exists but ‘Reformed’ theology” – and to imply as much is false and misleading. Lumpkins knows this but is undeterred in his deceitful ways.

Unfortunately for him, Lumpkins will one day awaken to an SBC that has no place in it for liars and those who seek to bring division. In his old age he will wonder why he wasted his life sowing such division, when in the end it only caused him to be separated from the denomination he claimed to love.

With That I Am…


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  1. Pumpkin Eater / Feb 16 2012 10:30 am

    Thanks for highlighting my comment. I am glad others are beginning to call Peter out for the liar and deceiver that he is.

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