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February 10, 2012 / WithThatIAm...

Documented: Lumpkins’ Holier Than Thou Rebuke of Tom Ascol

Yesterday evening, Tom Ascol posted a review of Gerald Harris’ article on Calvinism in the Georgia Baptists owned Christian Index. Ascol posted Harris’ article, entitled “The Calvinists Are Here,” in its entirety. This is fully within the law as recent fair-use rulings have deemed it legal for news articles to be posted in their entirety for review and commentary.

It took Peter only a few hours to post a holier than thou rebuke of Ascol.

I called to get permission to post Gerald Harris’ latest editorial on SBC Tomorrow. The Christian Index graciously gave me permission to do so. It was scheduled to publish at 5:15 A.M on Friday. The reason for permission is two-fold: a) plain, old-fashioned courtesy; b) at the bottom of the editorial page there is a clear indicator I needed to get the permission.

Lumpkins continues:

Whatever the case, if Ascol didn’t formally get permission to post Harris’ essay, he needs to consider taking it down. Georgia Baptists do not get state papers free. Nor is even the online version free (I pay for the perk myself). He can quote liberally from the piece to be sure. But to leave the entire piece up on his site without permission is not only unfair to Harris and The Christian Index–not to mention we Georgia Baptists who pay for the service–but also with the copyright stamp staring one right in the face, it’s difficult to avoid the accusation of breaching copyright.

It seems the only thing that surpasses Peter’s old-fashioned courtesy is his ignorance of fair-use laws.

On April 22, the court in Righthaven v. Jama and the Center for Intercultural Organizing issued a written opinion reflecting its earlier bench ruling that the posting of an entire news article on the CIO Web site was fair use as a matter of law.


Ascol did not need to get the paper’s permission to post the article, he was perfectly within his legal rights to do so. For Lumpkins to play “more courteous than thou” is ridiculous on its face. However, this is par for the course for argumentation a-la-Lumpkins.

In typical Peter-prose, Lumpkins finishes with a swipe at Ed Stetzer and his helpful article published today at SEBTS’s Between the Times.

With Ascol’s “Calvinists are victims” right on the heels of Ed Stetzer’s “Calvinists are bogeymen” Southern Baptists have a perfect duo in attempting to shut down any resistance to Ascol’s comprehensive vision–indeed aggressive Calvinism’s vision (i.e. Founders Ministries)–to “reform” the SBC to five point Calvinism.

According to Peter, if anyone is associated with or supports Founders Ministries they are “aggressive Calvinists” who are trying to harm the SBC by stealth. Certainly not a new conspiracy theory or battle cry from the anti-Calvinists within the SBC, but still surprising after all these years.

With That I Am…


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  1. Les / Feb 10 2012 11:58 am

    Great call out. I’m glad someone is taking the time to have a blog like this. Thanks.

  2. Nathaniel / Feb 10 2012 3:58 pm

    I am just finding out about this great battle within the SBC regarding Calvinism. So I checked over at the official SBC website. The article of the Baptist Faith and Message entitled God’s purpose in grace is pretty Calvinistic, even more so is the commentary on that section also found at the SBC site. Why do they (Lumpkins, etc.) make it as though this is some huge invasion trying to change the SBC entirely. And why are they being so mean about it. I have many Christian brothers with whom I disagree on several non-essential issues and we still talk to each other peacefully.

  3. Pumpkin Eater / Feb 10 2012 4:49 pm

    Don’t expect Lumpkins to admit that he is wrong on this issue. He will no doubt double down. Peter is never wrong – NEVER. Even when Peter is wrong, he finds a way to show you that in fact, he is right. He feigns humility, but never exercises it. And yet at the same time, he accuses others of being arrogant. Peter is a hypocrite and should repent. One day he will.

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