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February 11, 2012 / WithThatIAm...

Lumpkins Week In Review

Here are the highlights (lowlights) of Peter-prose for the week of February 5-11, 2012.




One wonders what is going through the mind of Jonathan and Jerry (Jr.) Falwell. Have they lost their way? Will both of these guys escort their wives into this conference and listen to Driscoll drone on and on about sodomizing women to the glory of God and for the good of a “real” marriage?

Liberty University is gone. It’s over.

Were my children attending LU, I’d want to know that LU decided to bring in Mark Driscoll to sexualize my kids with his bogus authoritarian interpretation of the Song of Solomon

The implications on moral behavior from such a bankrupt hermeneutic remain frightening. So, because there are no explicit biblical references which forbid the owning of slaves, the traffic of humans is moral? And, since the Bible does not explicitly forbid torturing puppies, eating poisonous mushrooms, nor smoking marijuana, then all three are morally acceptable? Is this what young, restless, and reformed believers like Driscoll mean when they assert sola scriptura–the sufficiency of Scripture?

In the end, I want to thank the readership of SBC Tomorrow. I am a better, more informed believer, preacher, expositor, and person because of you.

I commit myself afresh to offering genuine sources and credible evidences for the propositions I offer my readers.

Know this: I do not deny bias. Ever.  Nonetheless I am obligated as is every critic to be judicious and reasonable with what evidences and sources I do cite.

I have no intention of feeding the public half-cooked ideas with my name on it.

Hence, I will respond to challenges toward the inferences I propose, but I will do so with dignity and engage the idea without casting dark asperations toward the one proposing them.

With Ascol’s “Calvinists are victims” right on the heels of Ed Stetzer’s “Calvinists are bogeymen” Southern Baptists have a perfect duo in attempting to shut down any resistance to Ascol’s comprehensive vision–indeed aggressive Calvinism’s vision (i.e. Founders Ministries)–to “reform” the SBC to five point Calvinism.

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