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February 9, 2012 / WithThatIAm...

Humorous Quotes When Lumpkins Hits 1 Million Views

Brother Lumpkins is a glow this evening as SBCTomorrow has received 1 Million views. This is quite the stat and is worthy of congratulations. Congrats Peter!

However, the contents of Peter’s blog are indeed shameful and not worthy of positive recognition. The blog is the unofficial “SBC Gossip Rag” and the fact that it is run by a Southern Baptist minister with a Doctor of Ministry degree makes the reality even more saddening. But we don’t want to be sad around these parts, we desire to be happy web campers and thus provide you with some humorous quotes and a bit of commentary on Peter’s hubris filled “1 Million Views” post.

To be sure some think it is all vanity to post blog after blog, week after week. And, ever running through one’s mind is, does anyone ever read this stuff? But more significantly still, is anyone’s opinion ever changed by what one writes? Or, is anyone’s view ever strengthened by one’s repeated musings written out in digital ink?

I am not sure if it is vanity to post destructive/negative blog after blog, week after week, but something is motivating Lumpkins to “blog and destroy.” Regardless of Peter’s motives, we dare not judge them here, many, many people read his writing. While it is but a select few folks who “amen” Peter’s posts day after day, a number of SBC seminary professors and pastors frequently tweet and or link to his writing. Professors Malcolm Yarnell and Steve Lemke often tweet and link to Peter’s posts. SEBTS professor Ken Keathley occasional makes an appearance in the comments box, among others. For a blog that is filled with absurd claims and innuendos aimed toward SBC leaders and seminary presidents/staff, it is surprising to us here a WTIA that such learned and intelligent men would have anything to do with Perhaps the adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is apropos, though one cannot be certain (see that Peter, that is innuendo, and it is wrong).

I have no doubt that Peter’s “yes men” have been strengthened in their views but do doubt that anyone has been converted to the scary conspiratorial world of Lumpkins. Let’s face it, Peter writes for people like himself and those people eat it up (Bob Hadley, Tim Rogers, lmalone, Mary England, Max, David Worley, et al). The rest of us just observe the train wreck and occasionally attempt to insert sense and sensibility into the discussion.

In the end, I want to thank the readership of SBC Tomorrow. I am a better, more informed believer, preacher, expositor, and all round person because of you. Thank you for following SBC Tomorrow.

Somehow, Peter is a better person because of his readership. This does not appear to be the case when comparing Peter’s tone and posts 4-5 years ago with today’s, but you will have to be the judge of that. I do know that Peter has done much research in writing his posts. How he has interpreted the information researched and what he has done with such data is certainly where the rubber meets the road and is constantly found wanting.

I commit myself afresh to offering genuine sources and credible evidences for the propositions I offer the readership for public consumption.

Committing afresh is applaudable since his previous commitments are to anything but genuineness and credibility in regards to “evidence.” The arguments of Lumpkins are almost always based on circumstantial evidence which lends to their conspiratorial nature.  Let us see how long it takes for Peter’s “new commitment” to be broken.

What he constantly fails to see is that his questions are not merely questions but propositions. When someone asks, “Is Danny Aiken trying to destroy SEBTS by hiring Calvinist professors?” You are not only implying Danny Aiken might be attempting to do harm to SEBTS but also that Calvinist professors are somehow dangerous and harmful to a seminary. Those are propositions, and there is no evidence for someone to even utter such a claim, even if it is in the form of a question.

I do not deny bias. Ever.

Bless his heart! This is something we must all admit and I am thankful that Brother Lumpkins admits this fact of life.

But I am obligated as is every critic to be judicious and reasonable with what evidences and sources I do cite.

Judicious and reasonable with evidences and sources…uh-huh.

And, as always, my readers may, if they so wish, challenge the inferences I make from the evidences I cite. Likewise, challengers may expect a robust defense of what I write.

Not too many folks object more than a few times with Peter. Why? Well, from my observations it is because of the incoherence and “inference as fact” that Lumpkins constantly responds with. And do not worry, if you do not get such replies from Peter, you will get them from the Lumpkinites and they are usually more nasty than Lumpkins (Mary?). Peter sees his condescending and self-righteous responses as a “robust defense” and this is why the comments sections are filled with a.) Lumpkinites and b.) new commenters or those who very rarely comment. The regular readers who disagree with Peter don’t dare jump in the water because they know how tiresome that shallow and frigid pool is.

I have no intention of feeding the public half-cooked ideas with my name on it.

What a hoot!

In summary:

1. has hit 1 Million views

2. Peter hasn’t changed anyone’s mind, though strengthened the “whackadoodlism”

3. Prominent SBC profs are approving and linking to Lumpkins terrible blogging

4. Peter is a better person because of his readers

5. Peter has no intention of feeding the public half-cooked ideas

6. The comments section at SBCTomorrow lacks consistent dissent for a reason

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