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February 7, 2012 / WithThatIAm...

Lumpkins Pronounces the End of Liberty University, Spouts Sodomy and Truett-McConnell Allegiance From Atop Liberty Mountain

Mr. Lumpkins is sounding the alarm on Liberty University and their decision to have Mark Driscoll speak about his book “Real Marriage.” Where does Lumpkins start? With “sodomizing to the glory of God” of course!

One wonders what is going through the mind of Jonathan and Jerry (Jr.) Falwell. Have they lost their way? Will both of these guys escort their wives into this conference and listen to Driscoll drone on and on about sodomizing women to the glory of God and for the good of a “real” marriage?

Would Jerry, Jr. and Jonathan read chapter 10 to Momma Falwell and see what see has to say about what “real marriage” is all about? No? Why not? Would Jerry (Jr) and Jonathan really like for their children to mimic Driscoll as a sexual role model for them when they grow up and get married?  Lumpkins continues with an emotional appeal that makes little sense, unless Peter wants to read chapters about marriage bed  activities with his own mother.

Come on Peter. No one wants to read any chapters from Driscoll’s or LaHaye’s marriage bed books to their mothers. That is not the purpose of the books certainly shouldn’t be the standard by which we approve or disprove of their content. They are meant for husband and wife. You know this as well as I and the emotionalism does nothing to help legitimize your hatred of all things Driscoll and “Real Marriage.”

Lumpkins then continues with officially pronouncing Liberty University anathema and Emir Caner’s Truett-McConnell College as the new conservative Southern Baptist liberal arts “Geneva.”

Forget sending your kids to LU. Instead send them to another mountain, a mountain in north Georgia where parents can have full assurance that Mark Driscoll’s hedonism will never gain the trendy influence into which Liberty University has succumbed–not as long as Dr. Emir Caner is president.

Liberty University is gone.

Liberty University is gone? Because Driscoll is speaking there? I suppose Mormon Glenn Beck giving a commencement address at Liberty U. a while back was but a mere tremor on Liberty Mountain. Now that Driscoll is speaking, well, the richter scale is topping out. Liberty U. is gone! Melodramatics much?

Next we are offered a look into Peter’s crystal ball.

No longer will LU be the default option for parents looking for a more conservative, biblically sound school than so many liberal arts colleges and schools historically affiliated with Southern Baptists.

Maybe I’m missing the earth splitting open in Lynchburg, but I fathom enrollment with continue just fine in the post-Driscoll-speech era. Also, it is only recently that Liberty has even been associated with Southern Baptists in any meaningful way. LU has been, for the majority of their existence, a Fundamentalist Baptist school, not a Southern Baptist school.

To close, Peter, being the good Southern Baptist minister he claims to be, finishes with a doxology.

Lord bless Truett-McConnell.

Truett-McConnell College is led by its president Emir Caner, brother of Ergun Caner who was removed from his office of Dean at Liberty Seminary because of the years of documented lies he made regarding his upbringing as a devout Muslim and subsequent conversion. Ergun Caner has never publicly confessed his lies but has continued to deny any wrongdoing all the way to Texas as he is now at a Fundamentalist Baptist college Arlington Baptist College. Emir Caner has stood by his brother and his unrepentance to this day. Sending your students to Truett-McConnell may prove to be more problematic than LU and their invitation of Mark Driscoll.

In summary:

1. “Sodomizing to the glory of God”

2. Reading marriage bed books to your mother

3. Liberty University is gone!

4. God Bless Truett-McConnell College

Written as only Peter can write. What a hoot!

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